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To facilitate our clients with latest reports, task assignment and process tracking, we have developed a system called eManager.

eManager - the process tracking and reporting area, is a central repository for all customer calls logged with us. Daily meetings with our customer support staff or project managers to follow up the status of your project are a thing of the past. It takes the guesswork out of supporting our clients. The ability of clients to add additional information, assign tasks, view reports, access invoices, make payments, etc. also takes the guesswork out of a lot of customer issues.

Our clients are happy that they have a single point of contact for all issues, and can easily see the current status of their tasks. The reporting offered by eManager suits both our clients and employees.

The moment you login, you are shown the summary page which shows all the activites happening at our company as well as reports pertaining to your projects. See the number of hours each staff member has worked on and for what. Who's birthday or anniversary falls this month, status of your requests, daily, monthly and yearly summary of hours worked, annoucements and more. Lot's of information at one glance.

Access complete details of who did what and when from this area. All tasks are logged and are presented in Hourly Summary Report for today as well as Hourly Summary Report for the current month. You can further dig in to the system by clicking on a particluar hour or date and get access to all the tasks that had been carried out during that time frame.

Further to this, you can even generate your own reports based on custom date fields.


If you have signed up for Web Server Administration you can view a complete report of all the tasks that have been carried out during the server maintenance window by our support engineers.

Critical Event Log errors, Patch Management, Service Pack Deployment, Virus and Trojan Scan reports, Security Check Reports, Disk Defragmentations, etc. and the solution to each of these can be accessed from here.


We try and make sure that none of the requests made by you go unnoticed. To ensure that, we urge you to use the Request Area from the eManager. This is the area from where you can request any additional service or task. You can even assign a priority for the task that you request here.

All tasks are logged once again and the clients are notifed as soon as the request is updated by our support engineers.

Apart from the areas shown above, you can also view the contact details of each support engineer or staff that has been assigned on your project, you can also access the billing area to print the invoices or make payments.

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